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Our service and parts department covers repairs and service fo all the manufacturers we deal with plus many others.

We provide free assembly and delivery for all non-take with items in the country.

Installation is available for all plows, truck bodies, and installable parts.

We also perform general truck repairs & maintenance.

On site steel and aluminum welding repairs.

Signs are done at MGE or on location.

Financing---low cost, long terms.  One hour processing or all major credit cards accepted.


Service FAQ's

  • Q: Should I drain oil and gas from equipment when I store it for the winter?
  • A: No, leave oil in machine, and fill up gas tank and ad stabilizer to gas.


  • Q: What kind of oil should I use in my lawn mower? 
  • A: In most cases, automotive grade 30 weight, you should consult your Manuel for your particular machine.


  • Q: How long will an electric golf go cart before it needs recharging? 
  • A: An electric golf cart in most cases will run all day, depending on usage.


  • Q: My engine on my lawn mower "pops" when I shut it down after I have been using it for awhile.
  • A: Your engine "pops" because your shutting down avery hot engine, you should leave a hot engine idle for a minute of so before shutting down.


  • Q: My riding mower won't start; the engine does not turn over, everything appears dead?
  • A: It is not altogether unlikely that your mower control is still engaged, the safety device on your machine does not allow you to start engine while engaged.


  • Q: Should I mix oil with gas for my mower?
  • A: Generally speaking, if your equipment has crankcase which takes oil, you do not need to mix oil with gas, check your owners Manual to be sure.


  • Q: If I buy equipment from you which is to large to take home in my car do you deliver? 
  • A: Yes we provide free delivery if it doesn't fit in your vehicle.


  • Q: When I buy a lawnmower from you is it ready to go, or do I have to put it together and add oil?
  • A: Everything we sell is fully assembled and serviced, ready to go.


  • Q: Are you an authorized repair center, and do you have parts in stock?
  • A: Yes we are an authorized repair center for all lines of equipment we sell and we have most all parts in stock.We are also an authorized repair center for Briggs & Stratton and we repair many other brands of equipment as well.


  • Q: How often do I need to change oil in my mower?
  • A: Generally speaking you should change oil every 10-15 hours, depending on usage. Consult your manual for your particular machine.